How many cups of tea can I brew with 2 oz. of loose leaf tea?

Expect to brew 25-30 servings from 2 oz. of loose tea. Each of our blends has a different composition of ingredients which yields a different amount of tea in 2 oz. of weight. The number of servings will therefore vary slightly for each, and will also depend on how strong you like your brew!

How often do you add new tea varieties?

While most of our customer favorites are always available, seasonal offerings are added to the available list of loose tea blends from time to time. Be sure to check back often and join our mailing list below to know when new teas are in stock!

Can I buy just one type of tea?

Yes! You may select the same variety twice when building your tea bundle to receive 4 oz. of the same blend.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States.