About WeSteep Tea

"Take a break, brew two cups, and enjoy tea time with someone special."

WeSteep is all about finding moments of calm, free from distractions, and connecting with those around you. What better way to slow down and find those moments than by brewing and enjoying a warm cup of tea together?


Our Story

WeSteep was born in the midst of a heartbreaking and taxing global pandemic, when we discovered rays of light in finding time for self care and actively shutting out distractions in order to spend time with loved ones. Founded in 2021, WeSteep holds these benefits at its core. We believe that tea time shared with someone special is the best way to reintroduce and maintain these positive vibes in our everyday lives.

The stress of long days spent cooped up inside and hours of melancholic news coverage would regularly wear us down. It was in steeping a cup of fresh tea in the evening and turning away from our devices - and toward each other - that allowed for a wonderful moment of respite. The blend we had on hand was chamomile lavender, which is the first blend we decided to share with the world on WeSteepTea.com.

The need to spend quality time with one another is just as important as ever; with a sense of normalcy returning after the pandemic, so have so many distractions that can call on our attention and drain our energy. We encourage everyone to have tea time with someone you care about as often as you can!

WeSteep offers tea time activities as well as a variety of premium high-quality tea blends sold as Tea for Two Bundles, since tea is more than just a beverage, it’s a social tradition with the power to bring people together. We believe the preparation of tea allows us to slow down and create the space in our busy lives to enjoy the company of others even more. We welcome you to join us in this warm and welcoming centuries-old tradition that knows no boundaries and only good intentions. Share your favorite beverage with loved ones while promoting health, wellness, and positive relationships.