Portland, OR

Portal Tea Company

Portal Tea Company prioritizes creating a welcoming atmosphere and celebrates the potential for connection over a cup of tea. Their core values include embracing exploration and appreciating the beauty in everyday moments.

Portal Tea Company

At Portal Tea, we believe in more than just delicious tea. We strive to create cozy spaces that feel safe and welcoming, a place where you can be yourself and truly unwind. "Tea as You Are" is our guiding principle, and it reflects in everything we do, from the warmth of our shops to the way we treat our customers.

We're a company inspired by the world around us, and we're not afraid to take risks! We love innovation and creativity, and we encourage both our staff and our customers to explore new possibilities. But it's not just about trying new teas (although that's definitely part of the fun!). We believe in personal growth and development too, and we hope that a visit to Portal Tea feels like a chance to discover something new about yourself as well.

Sometimes, in our fast-paced world, it's easy to forget the beauty in the everyday. That's why we encourage our customers to slow down and savor the moment. Taking a sip of tea and enjoying the company of friends or a good book can bring a sense of tranquility and peace.

Tea has the power to bring people together, and that's something we hold dear at Portal Tea. We believe in fostering meaningful connections and building strong relationships. Our shops are designed to be warm and inviting, a place where people can gather and chat, share stories, and simply enjoy each other's company. So, come on in, grab a cup of tea, and be yourself – that's what Portal Tea is all about.

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