Taomi Tea N Treats

Founded on a love of tea's potential for relaxation, connection, and wellness, Taomi Tea N Treats offers speciality blends to promote self-care.

Taomi Tea N Treats

Tamika, the founder of Taomi Tea N Treats, draws inspiration from her childhood. Witnessing her mother use tea for relaxation, social connection, and even natural remedies sparked a lifelong appreciation. Her Haitian heritage, where tea is valued for its healing properties, further fueled this passion. Even as a child, Tamika reveled in the joy of tea parties, hosting pretend tea parties and sipping from a small pink mug.

Fueled by these experiences and wanting to share her love of tea's potential benefits, Tamika launched Taomi Tea N Treats in 2020. The name "Taomi" is a delightful blend of Tamika and her sister's name, Naomi. Their tea blends are crafted with a focus on promoting overall well-being. Tamika's creations target specific needs like digestion, cold and flu relief, and even mental wellness. Ultimately, Taomi Tea N Treats aims to provide a delicious and comforting path to self-care through the world of tea. All of their blends are crafted with love and healing in mind.

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